As radio-frequency (RF) applications move into millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequencies, integration is becoming denser. This density increases the complexity of correctly assembling, simulating, and verifying multi-technology RF modules. Keysight PathWave Adcanced Design System (ADS) helps reduce costly hardware failures by enabling intelligent integration of modules that interconnect radio-frequency integrated circuits (RFIC), monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMIC), laminate, wafer-level packaging, antennas, and printed circuit boards (PCBs) into dense 3D structures.

Designing With Digitally Modulated Signals

RF circuits process digitally-modulated signals. They require error vector magnitude (EVM) as a figure of merit instead of the traditional P1dB or IP3 analog specifications. With PathWave ADS, you can simulate EVM at the circuit level for tuning and optimization. Then you can verify to industry wireless standards such as 5G, automotive radar, and WiGig by leveraging the signal-generation and processing algorithms leveraged from Keysight RF instrumentation.

Amplifier Stability Analysis

Tight integration in RF modules gives rise to unintended electromagnetic (EM) coupling and feedback loops in amplifiers that can cause instability, resulting in costly hardware failures.

PathWave ADS provides a rigorous and comprehensive amplifier-stability analysis capability. It replaces 14 traditional techniques to guarantee amplifier stability under all linear and nonlinear conditions. Combining stability analysis with EM-circuit co-simulation helps you locate and fix causes of instability before building hardware to achieve early design wins.

Multi-Technology RF Module Assembly for Em-Circuit Co-Simulation

PathWave ADS enables error-free assembly and 3D avoidance routing to interconnect RFICs, MMICs, laminates, wafer-level packaging, antennas, and PCBs into multi-technology RF modules.

RFPro then runs EM-circuit co-simulation on any portion of the RF module without modifying the 3D layout for tuning and optimization so you can perfect your design before building hardware. RFPro lets you use EM analysis as an interactive RF circuit design tool instead of a one-time verification tool to get to market faster.

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