Need technical support, calibration, repair, or documentation now? 

What is KeysightCare?

When you have technical challenges and are working against the clock, you need help now. KeysightCare reengineers the service experience. You receive dedicated, proactive support through a single point of contact for instruments, software, and solutions. Get faster response times, faster access to specialized experts, and faster time to resolution.

Do you know KeysightCare is included with new instrument purchase? As a KeysightCare subscriber, you get direct access to Keysight’s experts on every subject, as well as a portal of thousands of technical articles, constantly refreshed and added to, so you can do your own research quickly and easily.

Get the Deal of the Year on KeysightCare

Lock in discounted rates for KeysightCare for up to 5 years on select instruments.

Support Scaled To Your Needs

Committed support to minimize downtime of critical systems and your engineers.

KeysightCare Tech Support

KeysightCare Technical Support


  • ≤ 2-business-day technical response
  • online knowledge center
  • self-service web portal

KeysightCare Assured


  • ≤ 4-business-hour technical response
  • online knowledge center
  • self-service web portal
  • proactive firmware notifications
  • repair coverage
  • ≤ 10-day instrument repair

KeysightCare Enhanced


  • ≤ 2-business-hour technical response
  • online knowledge center
  • self-service web portal
  • proactive firmware notifications
  • repair coverage
  • ≤ 7-day instrument repair
  • calibration coverage
  • ≤ 5-day expedited calibration

KeysightCare Application Software Support


  • ≤ 4-business-hour technical response
  • online knowledge center
  • self-service web portal
  • proactive application software notifications
  • application software updates and enhancements


Research has shown that out of calibration test equipment can cause more recalls, rejected products, increased returns, or lost yield. KeysightCare Enhanced adds periodic calibration with committed turnaround times.

Test every specification, every option, every time.

Avoid overdue calibrations with PathWave Calibration Advisor.

Experience Keysight Support

View one-minute videos for key features

Leverage Programming Examples

Solve Your Toughest Technical Problems

Manage Your Calibration Certificates Online

Manage Your Test and Measurement Assets

Avoid Revenue Loss​

Survey shows more than 90% of companies reported a revenue loss because of delays related to test equipment configuration, training, or maintenance. ​

54% of companies lost $100,000 or more per day while waiting to solve issues.

89% required access to knowledge portals and test experts.

Avoid Costly Delays with Priority Access to Expert Resources

Support. Elevated.

The days of simple design are gone. You are pushing new limits. Your designs are redefining “state of the art.” Tools for designing and testing future requirements are evolving with you, but customer support has not. Until now.

KeysightCare provides complete customer care, far beyond basic warranty, including the following:

  • committed response times for service requests
  • tracking equipment configuration to keep test assets current
  • proactive firmware notifications
  • software updates and enhancements
  • choices of service tiers to fit your business needs

Considering KeysightCare?

Good choice. KeysightCare is your priority-one connection for your teams with committed turnaround times and access to technical experts. 

Check by model number if KeysightCare is available, including the specific service level agreement. 

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