Connect and Secure the World with Dynamic Network Intelligence

The need for always-on networks is pervasive, and expectations are high when it comes to keeping them connected and secure. As technologies advance, edge computing, cloud environments, sophisticated security threats, increasing bandwidth requirements, and demanding compliance regulations make it challenging to extract actionable insight from your network.

Keysight can help. Customers rely on our solutions to deliver rich data about network traffic, applications, and users across any networking environment. This deep insight is what we call dynamic network intelligence. It helps you continuously innovate, meet aggressive service level agreements, and keep applications running smoothly and securely.

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Dynamic network intelligence stack feature sets allow you to optimize your traffic analysis and security tool performance. Used with a network packet broker, virtual or cloud platform, stack feature sets allow you to modify, mold and transport traffic specific to tool needs. To learn more, click on a stack feature set below.

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