Quality at Speed Depends on Software Test Automation

Automated software testing is key to unlocking continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI / CD) workflows. As software release cycles grow shorter, traditional testing creates bottlenecks that put your team behind schedule.

Eggplant offers turnkey integration with a range of CI / CD tools — including Jenkins, Azure DevOps, and GitHub Actions. Our drag-and-drop GUI makes it easy to set up your deployment tool to automatically test your code on check-in.

Forget about custom coding and complex open-source deployments. With Eggplant, you can find defects faster, accelerate releases, and improve software quality.

faster test case setup and deployment time

quicker functional test case execution

tests can be run per year on your e-commerce site

of all regression tests can be automated

Forrester Wave 2022 Report - Continuous Automation Testing Platforms

Forrester Names Eggplant a Leader in Continuous Automation Testing Platforms

Among 15 providers, Keysight Eggplant achieved the highest scores possible in 12 criteria, including automation execution / continuous testing, testing journey, reporting, analytics, quality insights, product vision, commercial model, and more.

“The newly joint vision of Keysight and Eggplant will become the platform for enterprise-wide automation, test, and assurance of digital systems and products.”

The Forrester Wave: Continuous Automation Testing Platforms, Q4 2022, by Diego Lo Giudice, President and Principal Analyst

Unlocking AI: the key to test automation

Automated, continuous testing allows test and development teams to provide feedback and spot bugs earlier in the development process, but it requires high levels of human maintenance to stay operational.

Enter AI. By examining vast amounts of data to identify optimized test cases, AI streamlines the test script creation process for low maintenance and high-quality continuous testing. DevOps and testing teams no longer must decide between delaying a software release or conducting all the necessary tests to ensure quality, bug-free software. Learn how AI can revolutionize automated testing today.

Cover of eBook Ultimate AI Software Testing Playbook
Cover of eBook Ultimate AI Software Testing Playbook

How to Implement Software Test Automation: The QA Leader’s Guide

When software development is moving at breakneck speed, with top companies deploying software multiple times per day, automation is the key to keeping up with the pace of innovation.

Implementing automation does not need to be difficult. Get the comprehensive 30-60-90-day automation plan for QA leaders looking to champion an automation strategy for their teams. This asset outlines the steps to successfully implement automation in today's software development landscape.

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