An Enterprise Agreement Benefits Your Business

Software Enterprise Agreements provide flexibility and cost benefits to customers who need technology access for one site or a global engineering enterprise. Entering a Software Enterprise Agreement starts a multi-year strategic relationship that gives you access to Keysight’s software portfolio through an agreed-upon subscription software capacity pool.

Keysight Enterprise Agreement customers realize continuous value delivery for the duration of their experience. They spend less time specifying software and more time using it. Achieve greater productivity and scalability, accelerated time-to-market, and improved operational efficiency. Focus on the outcomes that matter most. Those are the keys to your software transformation success.

Capture Continuous Value

Deploying a Keysight Enterprise Agreement is the most cost-effective way to achieve your digital transformation objectives. Gain flexible access to our broad software portfolio, including design, test, measurement application, data analytics, network visibility and security tools, and more, to meet your company’s technical and business outcomes.

Your software pool is yours to deploy. Use it to address specific design requirements and test and measurement project needs in research and development, the lab, and every phase of your product life-cycle. You can remix your software pool periodically to adjust to changing group demands and project stages. You can also expand your pool to account for new or unpredictable project requirements.

Enterprise Agreement - Keysight

Simplified Self-Service Approach

Automate and streamline your software infrastructure workflow

The Keysight Software Manager system makes license administration a snap. Enterprise Agreement customers receive access to the self-service license portal with 24/7 availability to set up, provision, and re-mix your capacity pool. Now license administration and control are in your hands, autonomous and easy.

Subscription Software is the 21ST Century Model

Compare return on investment (ROI) for subscription versus perpetual licenses

Subscription software is surprisingly more affordable than perpetual licenses in many use cases. Subscription licensing significantly lowers up-front costs and allows you to leverage the benefits of operating expense (OpEx) accounting. Up-front savings from subscriptions help stretch your OpEx budget to address the funding needs of other development projects or business opportunities.

Let Keysight show you how to maximize your Enterprise Agreement ROI and subscription software license model mix. Ask for a complimentary ROI analysis performed with our model comparison calculator for your use case.