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M8199A 128/256 GSa/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The Keysight M8199A arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) has the highest sample rate and the widest bandwidth in its class with up to four synchronized channels operating simultaneously in one module

  • Analog bandwidth up to 70 GHz
  • Continuous sample rate range at 100 to 128 GSa/s (4-channel), or at 200 to 256 GSa/s (2-channel)
  • Synchronization of up to 16 channels across 4 modules (128 GSa/s) or up to 8 channels across 4 modules (256 GSa/s)
  • Built-in frequency and phase response calibration for clean output signals
  • 6 bits ENOB, DC to 50 GHz, Fs 100 GSa/s
  • Intrinsic jitter: < 75 fs
  • Up to 1.4 Vpp differential output voltage @128 GBd
  • Transition time (20/80) as low as 5 ps
  • Channel-to-channel skew adjustment with 25 fs resolution
  • Synchronization of up to 16 channels across 4 modules
  • < 140 dBc wideband phase noise > 1 MHz
  • 512 KSa / 1 MSa of waveform memory per channel

Key Benefits of the New Arbitrary Waveform Generator

  • 4 channels at 128 GSa/s or 2 channels 256 GSa/s with up to 70 GHz nominal analog bandwidth
  • Provides research engineers a high-performance signal source for arbitrary signals, enabling development of designs up to 140 GBd
  • Keysight’s M8199A 256 GSa/s AWG delivers twice the sampling rate of any AWG on the market today, coupled with at least 50 percent higher analog bandwidth. As a result, research engineers can quickly develop advanced components for terabit transmission systems
  • Integrated, ready-to-use instrument
  • Operates with well-known software, like MATLAB or Keysight IQTools and
  • SCPI programming interface based on M8070B
  • High flexibility with upgrade options from 2 channels at 128 GSa/s to 4 channels at 256 GSa/s

Keysight’s M8199A arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) features four channels at 128 GSa/s or two channels at 256 GSa/s with up to 70 GHz nominal analog bandwidth.

As a high-performance arbitrary signal source, the M8199A enables the development of designs of 128 Gbaud and beyond, including advanced components for terabit transmission systems.

With up to 4 differential 128 GSa/s output channels per 2-slot AXIe module and the ability to synchronize up to 4 modules, the M8199A is well suited to stimulate multi-lane high-speed interfaces in an economic fashion.

Key Specifications

DAC Resolution
8 bit
65 GHz
Number of Channels
2 channels
4 channels
Max Sample Rate
256 GSa/s
DAC Resolution
Number of Channels
Max Sample Rate
8 bit
65 GHz
2 channels
4 channels
256 GSa/s
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1,660 mVpp diff max
65 GHz
DAC Resolution:
8 bit
Effective Number of Bits (ENOB):
5.5 bits
Form Factor:
2-slot AXIe
Frequency Range:
>240 MHz
Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Intrinsic Jitter:
75 fs
Max Memory Depth:
512 KSa
Max Sample Rate:
256 GSa/s
Number of Channels:
2 channels
4 channels
2 slots
Spur Free Dynamic Range:
-33 dBc
High Speed AWG
Typical Rise/Fall Time:
4.5 ps

Meet The New M8199A, Keysight's Fastest AWG

To create next-generation transmission technology, advanced research engineers require a new level of stimulus performance. Whether testing the discrete components of a coherent optical system or experimenting with terabit transmission, you need the highest speed, bandwidth, precision, and flexibility to meet the challenges of industry-leading applications. The unmatched capabilities of the M8199A enable you to take your designs to a new level.

M8199A highest performing arbitrary waveform generator

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