The Whole Communications Channel represents the complete wired connection between two transmit / receive modules with an automotive Ethernet interface using a two-wire twisted pair cable. The Keysight AE6910L software ensures signal quality requirements, with conformance testing for that channel. In addition, it performs return loss, insertion loss, mode conversion, and power sum cross talk measurements of a cable in a bundle.

Standards supported

  • Channel testing per OPEN Alliance (1000BASE-T1) - TC9 UTP and STP specifications
  • OPEN Alliance 100BASE-T1 Definitions for communications channel
  • IEEE 802.3bw, 802.3bp and 802.3ch

Key capabilities

  • Automatically detects the number of available ports
  • Creates a test plan for those lanes selected with all the required tests per the specification
  • Automatically sets up the network analyzer for each measurement and applies the limit lines
  • Expandable to cover proprietary limits and quickly adapt to new standards
  • Creates a printable PDF report of the tests that have been run

Ordering information

  • The software requires Keysight PathWave Test Automation software.
  • The software runs on a VNA with option TDR; choose benchtop, PXI, or USB.
  • Software licenses are available as node-locked, transportable, USB portable, or floating and can be purchased with 6, 12, 24, 36, or 60 months of support.
  • Configuration guidelines are available in the data sheet.

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