• Reliable, repeatable measurement of wide-bandgap (SiC, GaN) power semiconductor dynamic characteristics for discreet devices and power modules.
  • Characteristics measured include turn-on, turn-off, switching, reverse recovery, gate charge, and many others.
  • True Pulse isolate probe for measuring a power module's high-side device.
  • Solderless contact technology for repeatable, reliable results without soldering.
  • Safe test environment for both the DUT and the user.
  • Customizable, expandable, upgradeable, modular platform enables testing of all power devices.

As an off-the-shelf measurement solution, the PD1550A delivers reliable, repeatable measurements of wide-bandgap semiconductor power modules. The platform ensures user safety and protection of the system's measurement hardware. The ability to ensure repeatable, reliable Double Pulse Test (DPT) results is built on Keysight's 80+ years of expertise in measurement science. With the experience gained through working closely with customers and standards organizations with the PD1500A, Keysight is now helping customers overcome the challenges of the dynamic characterization of WBG power modules. Examples include innovations in high-frequency testing (gigahertz range), low leakage (femto-ampere range), and pulsed power (1,500 A current, 10 μs resolution). As a result, Keysight is uniquely positioned to help you overcome the challenges of dynamic power-semiconductor characterization.

Included with the PD1550A are standard advanced measurement techniques such as probe compensation, offset adjustment, de-skewing, and common mode noise rejection. These techniques are utilized within an innovative measurement topology and layout. A semi-automated calibration routine (AutoCal) that corrects for system gain and offset errors were specifically developed for this system. The system also uses de-embedding techniques to compensate for inductive parasitics in the current shunt. True Pulse Isolate Probe technology for accurate high-side Vgs measurements and solderless contact technology allows for repeatable reliable measurements without having to solder large contact pads.

Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC) is the global leader in developing open standards and publications for the microelectronics industry. JEDEC committees provide industry leadership in developing standards for a broad range of technologies.

JEDEC Committee: JC-70 Wide Bandgap Power Electronic Conversion Semiconductors
The JEDEC standards recognized the need to provide WBG standards for the power semiconductor industry. In September of 2017, the JC70 Wide Bandgap Power Electronic Conversion Semiconductor committee was formed for both GaN JC70.1 and SiC JC-70.2 Each section has three task groups, focusing on Reliability and Qualification Procedures, Datasheet Elements and Parameters, and Test and Characterization Methods.

Keysight is actively participating in developing these standards.

As JEDEC continues to define the dynamic testing of WBG devices, some standardized tests are starting to emerge. The Keysight PD1500A DPT determines these key performance parameters:

  • Turn-on characteristics
  • Turn-off characteristics
  • Dynamic on-resistance
  • Dynamic current and voltage
  • Switching characteristics



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