High-Speed & High-Resolution Digitizers

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High-Speed Digitizers and FPGA Development Kit

At the heart of Keysight's high-speed digitizers is a powerful FPGA which processes data in real-time. It allows data reduction and storage to be carried out at the digitizer level, minimizing data transfer volumes and speeding up analysis.

On-board, real-time algorithm in the FPGA allows fast analog to digital conversion and detection of signal characteristics in various domains. 

Keysight unique technology uses proprietary ICs so you can get the most out of the high speed ADC and FPGA integrated into the digitizer. Plus, Keysight's data acquisition system offers an extended range of firmware and application options.

  • Firmware options: Specific real-time functions speed up your overall system response time, such as averager or digital down-conversion.
  • Application options: Bundle software and firmware configurations targeting specific requirements, such as streaming and recording with digital down conversion.

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