• Wide bandwidth: DC to 150 MHz
  • High sensitivity: down to 1 mA/div
  • Lower current measurement capability with high signal to noise ratio
  • With external AC adapter: 40 Apeak non-continuous, 30 ADC, 30 Arms continuous
  • Without external AC adapter: 15 Apeak non-continuous, 5 ADC, 5 Arms continuous
  • Demagnetization (degauss) and offset calibration button on probe for easy access
  • Compatible with high impedance AutoProbe interface

The Keysight N7026A is a 150 MHz bandwidth, active current probe for InfiniiVision and Infiniium oscilloscopes. The probe features wide and flat bandwidth (DC-150 MHz), lower noise (<250 µArms), and wide input range (up to continuous 30Arms or non-continuous 40Apeak). This enables you to measure down to 1 mA/div, giving you a much more accurate view of your low-level signals.

For accurate measurement with a clamp-on current probe, degaussing and eliminating the offset error is critical. The degauss and calibration button located on the probe makes removing any residual magnetism and unwanted DC offset quick and easy. The probe can either be powered directly by the InfiniiVision and Infiniium AutoProbe interface, measuring up to 15 Apeak, or it can be powered by an external AC adapter, measuring up to 40 Apeak.

The N7026A is ideal for capturing transient current signals, such as those found in high frequency digital circuits, ICs, motor controllers, in switching power supplies, inverters and current amplifiers driving inductive loads.

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