AE6900R is now AE6000R the functionality is the same, with just a different top level model number.

Key Capabilities

  • Receiver tests verify the BER requirement, SQI and Alien Crosstalk Noise Rejection required by the Open Alliance and IEEE respectively
  • Innovative and inexpensive instrument solution using media converter
  • Automated setups ensure result repeatability and enable your team to run tests without becoming an expert on the required procedures
  • Reports document the configuration, measurements, pass/fail results, margin analysis, and waveforms

Required instrumentation (see options)

  • 81160A Pulse function arbitrary noise generator
  • APM1000E Automotive Ethernet 1000/100 BASET1 to standard Ethernet 1000BASETX media converter
  • AE6941A Automotive Ethernet fixture with adapter board

Supported standards

  • IEEE 802.3bp

Ordering information

Unlike CAN, LIN or MOST, the IEEE standard for Automotive Ethernet demands rigorous compliance verification using specific test cases. The requirements include complex measurements that, until recently, have been uncommon in the auto industry: vector network analysis with S-parameters, bit error rate (BER) testing, and protocol analysis of high-speed digital signals.

To help you save time and effort, Keysight offers solutions that automate the testing and validation of Automotive Ethernet devices. These proven applications help you ensure proper test configuration and valid measurement results. Ultimately, you’ll have greater confidence that your device is compliant with the IEEE standard.

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