PathWave Design Software

Fast track product development

Reduce Your Design and Simulation Time

Accelerate your product design cycle with integrated circuit design and simulation software. Know your performance under simulated real-world conditions before you build.

High-Speed Digital Design for DDR5

Introducing the industry's first complete design and test workflow for DDR5 high-speed digital designs. Predict design margins with confidence.

PathWave ADS Memory Designer is blazing the trail for the next generation of DRAM technology, providing AMI simulation and receiver equalization for DDR5/LPDDR5 engineers. Cut through simulation complexity with the speed and accuracy to ensure first-pass success.

Learn From The Leaders

Many of the devices destined for the Internet of Things (IoT) aim to fulfill the promise of a more efficient and connected world. Many devices are expected to operate for several years with no updates, no recharging, and no human intervention.

Learn how these industry leaders utilized PathWave design software to develop a wireless, energy-harvesting circuit capable of transforming RF energy into DC power.


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