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Shorten design cycles to achieve first-pass design success. Our next-generation integrated electronic design automation (EDA) software provides engineers with new tools and enhancements to bring efficiencies into their printed circuit board (PCB), RF and microwave, 5G / 6G, and high-speed digital design flows.

Start Your Next Design with Keysight EDA Tools

The Keysight suite of EDA tools seamlessly integrates device modeling, circuit design, EM simulation, layout capabilities, and system-level modeling. Keysight’s open solutions approach for workflow enablement ensures that our EDA software interoperates with other EDA software from our ecosystem partners. Combine process design kits (PDKs) with our circuit simulators to increase your confidence in achieving design success.

Simulate Five Times Faster by Moving Simulation to the Cloud

The latest innovations in cloud technology have advanced to the world of electronic design and simulation. Design workspaces can be gigabytes in size, but the simulation files you need may only be 10’s of megabytes. You don’t need to utilize the entire workspace file to simulate.

With cloud simulation, the software only sends the files that it needs in order to run the simulation. Using high-performance computing and cloud simulation, design teams are cutting their simulation times by over 80%.

Foundry Process Design Kits

Integrated circuit (IC) foundries offer semiconductor processes that use PDKs containing active and passive device simulation models for IC design. Keysight EDA tools work closely with foundries to offer high-frequency PDKs in Si, SiGe, GaAs, InP, and GaN processes.

When choosing a foundry PDK, you must be sure that the models meet foundry manufacturing requirements. Foundries validate and distribute all PDKs provided for Keysight simulators, guaranteeing that the models behave optimally for first-pass design success.

Keysight EDA software tools work with IC foundries on PDKs
EDA tools for circuit design, RF modeling, and antenna design

Keysight EDA Software: 40 Years of Design Success

Explore our history of technical innovation, customer support, training, and industry leadership across the markets we serve in EDA software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic design automation (EDA) is a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) category of software tools for designing electronic circuits and systems. The tools work together in a specific design flow for the physical design of chips, packages, and boards.

EDA software can perform individual device characterization, and the electrical design of the interconnects between active electronics from the component to the system level.

Virtual prototyping involves building a soft equivalent of a design before investing in hardware prototyping. Statistical studies examine how a design behaves under many operating conditions. Product variations could include high volume or temperature, voltages, and signal environments. Yield analysis examines building the design in single quantities or mass production.

The principal simulation is circuit simulation, which can be performed in both time and frequency domains. A range of additional tools can help optimize a design. Statistical analyses perform optimization and parameter sweeps to improve aspects of a circuit. Electrothermal analysis relates heat impacts to a circuit's electrical characteristics. Electromagnetic analysis describes the electromagnetic effects on a circuit's electrical characteristics.

EDA software enables design confidence by analyzing design performance, catching errors before build-out, and helping to avoid the cost of board respins. EDA software improves and perfects the design performance, reducing the cost of physical materials and improving manufacturability and yield. Described as a Shift Left approach, leveraging EDA software earlier in the design cycle reduces overall design engineering time.

Ever-increasing substrate layer counts, smaller form factors, complex packaging technologies, and closer design proximities continue to make designs ever more challenging. Keysight ADS is the industry-proven multi-technology 3D layout and integrated EM-circuit co-simulation platform for designing RF modules that contain RFICs, packaging, antennas, and RF Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

Keysight infuses our robust, accurate, easy-to-use design and validation solutions with advanced simulation techniques and critical measurement science know-how from over 80 years of test industry experience. For example, shared technology between simulation and test eliminates discrepancies and delays when matching results from complex multi-technology RF modules for 5G, automotive radar, and aerospace applications.

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