PathWave System Design (SystemVue)

System-level design and simulation software

Accelerate System Design to Verified Hardware

Connect system-level design to RF circuit simulation. Verify physical layer system designs. Interoperate with test equipment while wireless standards evolve.

  • Validate baseband and RF integration early
  • Streamline verification with pre-built test benches
  • Easily connect to test equipment
  • Perform 5G architecture development and validation
  • Create and verify algorithms with baseband libraries
  • Simulate real-world radar scenarios

Design Across Baseband and RF Domains

PathWave System Design (SystemVue) is a multi-domain modeling environment that accelerates design, verification, and test. Standards libraries for automotive radar, 802.11ax WLAN, and NB-IoT enable real-world scenario verification. Moving pedestrian models provide realistic verification of automotive radar designs in detecting human targets.

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Model Number Bundle Name Description  
W1461BP Comms Architect Core system design physical layer (PHY) environment Learn More
W1462BP FPGA Architect Fixed-point, hardware-true simulation models Learn More
RF System Architect Spectral domain RF block simulator and a frequency planning tool
Learn More
System Architect VHDL/Verilog hardware implementation path Learn More
Spectrasys Bundle Spectrasys, ADS X-parameter support, and RF frequency planning Learn More
Array Architect Phased array/beamforming support for dataflow and RF system simulators Learn More
W1484BP RF Impairment Module Data flow simulator and RF_Link Learn More
W1806BP 5G NR Algorithm Design Module Existing 5G NR library but with no phased array included Learn More

Design Kits and Application Personalities

Model Number Product Name Description  
SystemVue Engine
Scalable, standalone dataflow simulator Learn More
Distributed Computing 8-pack
Accelerate and manage multiple parameterized sweep simulations Learn More
SerDes Model Library
Perform architecture optimization of a Serializer/Deserializer (SerDes) Learn More
AMI Modeling Kit Optimize the signal processing blocks for your SerDes IC at the electronic system level (ESL) Learn More
MIMO Channel Builder  Develop, verify, debug LTE receiver algorithms Learn More
Digital Pre-Distortion Builder Quickly model nonlinearities and memory effects in transceivers Learn More
W1717EP  Hardware Design Kit Quickly account for bit-true hardware effects prior to targeting Learn More
W1718EP  C++ Code Generator Generate C++ models from the SystemVue interface Learn More
W1719EP  RF System Design Kit Close the design gap between RF system architects and baseband and system-level PHY architects Learn More
W1720EP  Phased Array Beamforming Kit Evaluate phased array and beamforming subsystems, including RF, Digital, and Hybrid architectures Learn More
W1724EP STK Interface Enhanced radar / EW visualization and environment modeling  Learn More
W1725EP Ray Tracing Design Kit Automotive radar complex scenario modeling Learn More

Baseband Exploration and Verification Libraries

Model Number Product Name Description  
Digital Modem Library Perform transmit, receive, and bit-error-rate (BER) analysis Learn More
Radar Model Library Connect realistic reference designs with RF models and test equipment Learn More
Automotive Radar Library Connect different models to establish unique automotive radar simulation scenarios Learn More
5G Baseband Verification Library
Investigate, implement, and verify communications PHY signal processing designs Learn More
W1907BP  5G Forward Baseband Verification Bundle Model and evaluate 5G technology on an existing 4G PHY frame structure Learn More
W1910EP  LTE Baseband Verification Accelerate the maturity of baseband PHY designs for 3GPP LTE systems Learn More
W1911EP  WiMAX Baseband Verification Exercise your designs with pre-compiled functional blocks for source, coding, and receiver Learn More
W1914EP  DVB-x2 Baseband Verification Continue verification directly from the simulation into the measurement environment Learn More
W1915EP  mmWave WPAN Baseband Verification Verify baseband receiver algorithms, system architectures, and RF components Learn More
W1916EP  3G Baseband Verification Library Configure PHY waveforms for a variety of existing commercial wireless standards Learn More
W1917EP  WLAN Baseband Verification Library Perform design and verification of wireless connectivity Learn More
W1918EP  LTE-Advanced Baseband Verification Library Deploy 4G performance with greater insight and confidence Learn More
W1919EP  GNSS Baseband Verification Library Perform end-to-end system modeling for GPS and BeiDou-2 satellite navigation systems Learn More
W1904EP SystemVue Adaptive EQ Library Correct for PHY impairments in channels with multi-path fading and analog hardware Learn More
W1906BEL 5G Baseband Exploration Library Accelerate PHY design process with a superior modeling environment Learn More
W1912BEL BaseBand Exploration Library Access source code algorithmic libraries for various wireless applications Learn More

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