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A New Sub-Terahertz Testbed for 6G Research

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The first 5G networks are commercial and expanding. We are on the cusp of realizing the next generation of high-speed, high-reliability, and flexible mobile connectivity. This connectivity is driving advanced new consumer applications as the second generation of commercial 5G user equipment arrives on the market. It also opens up new possibilities in developing smart factories and smart cities and in meeting challenges in sectors as diverse as agriculture, public health, and global resource management.

The pace of innovation continues to accelerate. Even with 5G in its early stages of expansion, research has begun for 6G. Keysight has joined the multiparty 6G Flagship Program. As a founding member, Keysight will participate in groundbreaking 6G research that pushes the boundaries of high-speed, high-bandwidth communications. The vision for 6G includes concepts such as holographic communications and time-engineered systems that take the next step beyond the benefits of 5G — thus expanding into even more sectors that depend upon always-on connectivity


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