Complete aerospace defense system development bundle. Includes the RF, Comms/DSP, and phased array simulators as well as the Aerospace Defense Library and Visualization Kit.


The W4811B PathWave System Design, Aerospace Defense includes:

  • Complete system simulation environment for RF, comms/DSP, and phased array
  • Extensive library of components for radar and system simulation
  • Advanced configuration and visualization of scenarios using new Aerospace and Defense Designer
  • Connection to advanced digital mission engineering through STK

PathWave System Design (SystemVue) is Keysight's premier RF and baseband system modeling platform. The W4811B PathWave System Design, Aerospace Defense bundle gives you all the tools you need to design RF and baseband systems for radar. It includes the RF, Comms/DSP, and Phased Array simulators, as well as the PathWave Aerospace Defense Library, the Aerospace Defense Designer, and the PathWave STK Link.

The Aerospace and Defense Designer comprises the A/D editor for scenario configuration and the A/D visualizer (W4515E) to animate the scenario as it simulates. Users can now create and run radar simulations, easily configure, plus visualize scenarios, positions, and movement of objects, without having to view or edit the schematic.

Get started today with the most comprehensive RF model-based engineering flow for aerospace defense applications.

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