Create digital signal processing system designs. Includes libraries of general DSP components, digital modulation, SerDes, MIMO, and legacy cellular standards.


The W4802B PathWave System Design Core, Comms/DSP includes:

  • Dataflow time-domain analysis with multiple envelope capabilities
  • Over 300 simulation blocks for comms, DSP, and RF
  • Compute RF effects and include RF behavioral models
  • Support for links to Keysight instrumentation

PathWave System Design (SystemVue) is Keysight's premier RF and baseband system modeling platform. The Core + Comms/DSP bundle combines the PathWave System Design Core with the W4501E Comms/DSP Analysis element, giving system designers access to our Dataflow simulator. This time-domain engine can simulate complex modulated signals and includes libraries of common communications building blocks as well as reference transmitters and receivers for a host of digital modulation formats. It also includes numerous RF behavioral blocks that bring RF impairment modeling into the time domain; and also supports measurement and simulation-based behavioral models from Keysight instruments and PathWave ADS.

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