RF Analysis simulation environment gives users access to the SPECTRASYS engine, WhatIF, linear simulation, and RF component model libraries.


The W4801B PathWave System Design Core, RF includes:

  • Spectrasys frequency domain simulator for linear and nonlinear RF analysis
  • WhatIF utility for complex frequency planning
  • X-Parameter behavioral modeling support for circuit/measurement accuracy
  • RF Link cross domain simulator for inclusion of Spectrasys RF impairments in Dataflow simulations
  • EM Link brings layout impairments to system simulation

PathWave System Design (SystemVue) is Keysight's premier RF and baseband system modeling platform. The Core + RF bundle gives RF system designers access to the W4502E RF analysis tool. Its interactive system frequency planning (WhatIF) capabilities cut tedious calculation of mixing frequencies in the RF system from hours to minutes. Innovative root cause analysis in the Spectrasys system simulator identifies the origins of problematic spurious signals before critical commitments are made to architectures, frequencies, and component partitioning, preventing costly hardware integration delays downstream. It includes pre-defined system measurements with appropriate power and voltage-based behavioral models allowing you to replace homegrown code with a dedicated, RF system design graphical tool. Numerous vendor-specific libraries help you choose the best components for your design with accurate system models of their performance. The RF_Link cross-domain simulator lets you connect your designs to time domain dataflow simulations, while the unique EM_Link capability brings board-level layout impairments to your system level design for unrivaled accuracy in system simulation.

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