Accelerate System Design to Verified Hardware

Connect system-level design to RF circuit simulation. Verify physical layer system designs. Interoperate with test equipment while wireless standards evolve.

  • Validate baseband and RF integration early
  • Streamline verification with pre-built test benches
  • Easily connect to test equipment
  • Perform 5G architecture development and validation
  • Create and verify algorithms with baseband libraries
  • Simulate real-world radar scenarios

Design Across Baseband and RF Domains

PathWave System Design (SystemVue) is a multi-domain modeling environment that accelerates design, verification, and test. Standards libraries for automotive radar, 802.11ax WLAN, and NB-IoT enable real-world scenario verification. Moving pedestrian models provide realistic verification of automotive radar designs in detecting human targets.

Elevate Phased-Array Design to New Heights

Product development speed and agility are critical success factors for phased-array systems in the automotive, aerospace and defense, and communications industries. In the commercial sector, where 5G and satellite communications development projects face new time-to-market and cost challenges, keeping up has never been more challenging. Designers need new tools for modeling and simulation at higher levels of abstraction.

Keysight’s phased-array design solution shortens the time you spend testing physical prototypes in the anechoic chamber by replacing time-consuming legacy test methods with a more efficient system-level modeling and simulation approach. Learn more about this approach and Keysight’s phased-array solution today to gain greater design confidence and avoid the risk of cost overruns from unpredictable project schedules.

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