Access both the RF and Comms/DSP analyses, allowing RF Link to connect timed dataflow analysis with accurate RF system models.


The W4803B PathWave System Design Core, RF, Comms/DSP includes:

  • Frequency- and time-domain analysis engines
  • Circuit-accurate RF modeling coupled with baseband and DSP designs

PathWave System Design (SystemVue) is Keysight's premier RF and baseband system modeling platform. The Core + RF + Comms/DSP bundle gives system architects a complete analysis package for highly accurate RF modeling coupled with baseband and digital analysis of complex modulated signals. Validate complete system performance and close the verification gap between component design and prototyping. This bundle supports baseband modeling in graphical blocks, and MATLAB Script models, C++. It also accepts RF behavioral models from simulation or measurement, providing fast, bottom-up verification at the system-level after implementation. Combined with connections to the latest test equipment, the W4803B bundle enables a “model-based design” flow from concept to hardware validation.

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