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Optimizing MxFE Front Ends with Complex Gain Control Settings

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Keysight Technologies helps Analog Devices, Inc., a leader in analog signal-processing semiconductor technology, create and share a 2-24 GHz RF transmit and receive MxFE front-end reference design using PathWave System Design. This software enables system-level modeling and simulation of complex mixed-signal chains with high-fidelity measurement-based Sys-Parameter models of hundreds of RF amplifiers and mixers, such as the ADI ADMV8818 tunable filter. Customers can start with this reference design, explore and tune parameters, then customize, optimize, and test their design virtually with confidence, cutting risk and time out of their design cycle. The reference design achieves a flatter frequency response across the entire bandwidth, reducing EVM and improving noise floor. Customers can request a download of the PathWave System Design workspace via an approved email request on the Analog Devices website. For more information on Keysight PathWave System Design and Sys-Parameter models, visit and


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Column Control DTX