The Keysight 53200 Series of 350 MHz universal and RF frequency counter/timers serve all of your frequency and time interval measurement needs. 3 available models offer resolution capabilities up to 12 digits/sec single-shot frequency resolution on a one second gate. Single-shot time interval measurements can be resolved down to 20 psec. All models in 53200 series offer new built-in analysis and graphing capabilities to maximize the insight and information you receive. Use the connectivity of your choice: LXI-C/Ethernet, USB, GPIB. Additionally, an optional battery is available to increase portability and maintain timebase accuracy.

  • 53210A: 350 MHz RF Frequency Counter, 10 digit/sec
  • 53220A: 350 MHz Universal Frequency Counter/Timer, 12 digit/sec, 100 ps
  • 53230A: 350 MHz Universal Frequency Counter/Timer, 12 digit/sec, 20 ps

53200 Series frequency counters offer an intuitive user interface with a large color graphical display

A BenchVue software license (BV0011B) is now included with your instrument. BenchVue makes it simple to connect, control instruments, and automate test sequences.

PathWave BenchVue Universal Counter Software

Easily control your counters to build automated tests, visualize measurements, and perform data logging for faster analysis and reduced test time.

  • Display measurements, charts, tables, or histograms from multiple counters simultaneously.
  • Log and export data in only a few clicks to popular tools, such as MATLAB, Microsoft Excel, or Word for documentation or further analysis.
  • Develop custom test procedures or sequences with Test Flow.
  • Gain deeper instrument controls with Command Expert integration.
  • Receive KeysightCare software support subscription and license with each new instrument purchase.

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