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Make trusted measurements from basic debugging to deep analysis.

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Measure with Confidence

InfiniiVision digital oscilloscopes capture more, quicker with fast waveform update rates, automated measurements, and up to 7-in-1 instrument integration. An intuitive user interface and high-end software applications place automated measurements and accessible expertise at your fingertips. See why others trust InfiniiVision and learn how you can measure with confidence.

Professional Functionality at Lower Bandwidths

  • Get products to market faster by capturing rare anomalies and glitches with industry-leading waveform update rates of 1,000,000 waveforms per second
  • Quickly and easily isolate signal events in seconds by simply drawing a box on the screen with Zone Touch triggering
  • Decode serial buses faster with hardware-based serial trigger and decode
  • Utilize up to 7 instruments built into one oscilloscope: oscilloscope, arbitrary or function generator, frequency response analyzer (FRA) – Bode plot, digital voltmeter, frequency counter, protocol analyzer, mixed signal analysis (MSO)
  • Automate tests and collect data with the standard BenchVue software

PathWave BenchVue Oscilloscope Software

PathWave BenchVue oscilloscope software for PCs makes it easy to connect, control, capture, and view measurement data from your oscilloscopes with no additional programming. The software enables you to do the following:

  • Connect and control your oscilloscopes in the cloud
  • Log data, screenshots, and system status
  • Export measurement data in the desired format
  • Make prototypes and create automated custom test sequences
  • Save and replicate instrument configurations to repeat results
  • Visualize multiple types of instrument measurements simultaneously

Which Oscilloscope Probe Do You Need?

Keysight offers a broad range of voltage, current, and optical probing solutions for InfiniiVision and Infiniium Series oscilloscopes. Check out this guide to see which probe is right for your testing needs.

Oscilloscope probing on a circuit
Female engineer using an oscilloscope to make measurements on a circuit

Make Measurements You Can Trust

Test more efficiently by understanding key oscilloscope specifications and utilizing your instrument to its full capacity. Learn about some of the most critical oscilloscope concepts to find the instrument that's right for you.

Extend Your Capabilities With The Right Tools

Technology is constantly changing. So too are the requirements engineers face. Get more functionality out of your existing hardware today by complementing it with the right accessories to improve productivity and the right Keysight PathWave design and test automation software to accelerate your product development.

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