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When you’re pushing the limits to shorten product life cycles and accelerate innovation, you need help now. Working together, Keysight Services can help you quickly resolve technical and business challenges. We offer industry-leading depth of technical experience with the most extensive service portfolio in the industry.

Augment your technical expertise with access to Keysight’s experts. Go to Keysight Support to track all your service and support needs, including proactive learning opportunities.

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Whether you are in charge of thousands of instrument and software assets or solving the toughest technical problems, get personalized, and proactive access for all your support needs, including calibration certificates, service agreements, and entitlements. Benefit from the comprehensive knowledge center when designing to the latest standards, setting up complex test equipment, and meeting tight schedules. Technical articles, programming examples, how-to videos, and your technical support case history will help you to stay on schedule. 

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When the pressure is on, costly delays result from waiting on tools, answers, or help. KeysightCare is ensured action, providing a new level of service and support to help your team deliver better results, consistently. As your equipment evolves with the complexity of your design, so should the support you receive. Get faster response, faster access to experts, and faster resolution.

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View how KeysightCare experts helped customers like you.

Frank Alandt

Research center makes cutting-edge measurements with the help of test experts.

Samara Sazesh

Optical device company saves over a month by accessing technical expertise fast.

Raphael Brown

University makes breakthrough LiFi measurements with new test lab setup by Keysight.

Steve Minder

Research lab keeps their future 5G phone on schedule with fast technical help.

Xavier Allart

Research lab makes breakthrough measurements for new technology with help.


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