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Keysight PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) circuit design tools and circuit simulation software help development teams address signal complexity, design densification, and multi-technology integration — so you can easily adapt to millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequencies.

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Keysight RFPro - Circuit Design Software | Circuit Simulation Tool

PathWave ADS for RF and Microwave

PathWave ADS revolutionizes RFIC, monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC), and RF module design for 5G wireless, aerospace / defense, automotive, and IoT applications by seamlessly integrating EM with circuit simulation. The RFPro engine is the industry’s first EM simulation platform for RF/ microwave circuit designs. Seamlessly integrated with PathWave ADS, RFPro makes performing EM analysis as easy as running circuit simulations. With multiple libraries, bundles, design guides, and simulation elements, PathWave ADS is the one RF EDA software tool to help you overcome any design challenge.

PathWave ADS for High-Speed Digital

PathWave ADS for signal integrity and power integrity handles the challenges of today’s high-data-rate, densely routed, complex PCB designs. PathWave ADS Memory Designer minimizes the engineering effort required to set up and extract EM models, simulate buses, and perform compliance testing.

Keysight EDA - Circuit Design Software | Circuit Simulation Tool
Keysight EDA - Circuit Design Software | Circuit Simulation Tool

PathWave ADS for Power Electronics

The Power Electronics Library in PathWave ADS contains components built for power electronics, including those for closed-loop feedback regulation of a switched-mode power supply (SMPS). The library provides everything power electronics designers need for a complete, self-contained chip, package, and board design workflow. Users can simulate a virtual prototype in PathWave ADS in both time and frequency domains. Adding the Power Electronics Pro (PEPro) component completes the application suite. PEPro makes performing EM analysis as easy as running circuit simulations, with predictive expert settings that used to require configuration by dedicated EM simulation experts.

Debunking Circuit Design Myths

How accurate is conventional PCB wisdom? What happens when we force designs into corner cases? How does a 50 Ω controlled impedance path change when you dip it in liquid nitrogen?

This course compares real-world board measurements against simulations and digs into concepts every electrical engineer needs to know — including return current paths, via stubs, and VNA tips.

Keysight University Course: Debunking Circuit Design Myths - Circuit Design Software | Circuit Simulation Tool
KU Course: High-Speed Digital Boot Camp - Circuit Design Software | Circuit Simulation Tool

High-Speed Digital Design and Simulation

Delve into the world of high-speed digital design:

  • Simulate a DDR5 design and analyze a real-world DDR5 chip with an oscilloscope.
  • Explore design choices to improve signal integrity.
  • Learn new ways to explore and mitigate conducted EMI noise sources in your design with ADS.

The Importance of RF Simulation

Learn about why RF simulation is important:

  • Why simulations play a large part in today's high-tech workflows.
  • How to use 3D Smith charts.
  • How to avoid accidentally turning your amplifier into an oscillator.
Keysight University: The Importance of RF Simulation - Circuit Design Software | Circuit Simulation Tool

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