PathWave RFIC Design (GoldenGate)

RFIC simulation software to model complex, integrated circuits

Fully Characterize Transceivers Before Tape-Out

Go beyond traditional RF simulation to design, analyze, and verify radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs). Achieve confidence with steady-state and nonlinear solvers for design and verification. Wireless standard libraries accelerate the validation of complex RFICs.

  • Accurately model components on silicon chips
  • Optimize designs with sweeps and load-pull analysis
  • Integrate RF designs in the Cadence Virtuoso environment
  • Increase performance using Monte Carlo and yield analysis
  • Simplify debugging with safe operating area warnings
  • Use the latest foundry technology immediately

Optimize ICs from RF to mmWave

Before taping out an RFIC, verification of IC specifications via RF simulation is a must. Simulations include effects of layout parasitics, complex modulated signals, and digital control circuitry. With PathWave RFIC Design, you can simulate in both the frequency and time domain and bring your designs to and from Cadence Virtuoso.

Find the Product that's Right for You

Core Bundles

Model Number Bundle Name Description  
W2010BP/BT GoldenGate RFIC (Solo) Simulator Basic bundle to run one simulation per license Learn More
W2001BP/BT GoldenGate RFIC (Quad) Simulator
Bundle to run up to four simulations per license Learn More

Add-on Elements

Model Number Bundle Name Description  
W2008EP Parallel Simulator
Provides multiple simulation licenses for larger regression jobs Learn More
W2305EP X-Parameter Generator Build accurate, pre-prototype models of nonlinear devices Learn More

Co-Simulation Elements and Bundles

Model Number Bundle Name Description  
W2361EP Ptolemy and Verification Test Bench Engine Enables co-simulation of the entire communication system including mixed-signal digital signal processing, RF, and analog systems Learn More
W1464BP PathWave SystemVue RF System Architect Enables co-simulation of the physical layer design, dramatically cuts design time and verification effort Learn More

Combo Bundles with PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS)

Model Number Bundle Name Description  
W2218BP GoldenGate Solo ADS Includes GoldenGate Solo, ADS Core, and Circuit Simulation; recommended for small scale silicon RFIC Learn More
W1112BP GoldenGate Quad ADS Includes GoldenGate, ADS Core, Circuit Simulation, ADS RFIC Interoperability, Layout, Momentum, Ptolemy and Verilog-A Learn More
W2013BP GoldenGate Quad ADS Libraries Includes GoldenGate, ADS Core, Circuit Simulation, ADS RFIC Interoperability, Layout, Momentum, Ptolemy, Verilog-A and Mature Wireless Libraries Learn More

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