Gain Your Edge With These Specialty DMMs

  • Signature 7-inch dual-measurement color display with the 5.5-digit EDU34450A
  • Get high-contrast readings on OLED display with the 5.5-digit 34450A
  • High accuracy up to 4 ppm and high speed up to 100,000 readings/s with the 8.5-digit 3458A
  • Your companion for highly sensitive DCV and resistance measurements, the 7.5-digit 34420A micro-ohm meter
  • Enjoy 2-instruments-in-a-box capabilities with the U3606B multimeter and DC power supply functionalities
  • Traveling for measurement tasks is easy with the novel-sized, 5.5-digit U2741A USB modular DMM

PathWave BenchVue 數位萬用電錶軟體


  • 連接、控制數位萬用電錶,並以圖表、表格或直方圖方式顯示量測結果,藉由進行關聯性比對,發現您可能遺漏的趨勢。
  • 從雲端控制多個數位萬用電錶。
  • 以圖表方式同時顯示多種類型的量測結果。
  • 略具儀器知識,便可快速建立自動化測試序列。
  • 購買新儀器,即可訂閱 KeysightCare 軟體支援服務並獲得軟體授權。

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