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EDU34450A 5.5 位數雙行顯示數位萬用電錶


The current web page context is a data sheet for the Keysight EDU34450A 5½-Digit Dual-Display Digital Multimeter, a modern and versatile instrument that measures 11 input signals with high accuracy, speed, and memory. It features a signature 7-inch dual-measurement color display, standard USB and LAN connectivity, USB flash drive support, and PathWave BenchVue DMM software for remote control and data logging. The data sheet provides detailed technical specifications, system characteristics, measurement methods, and ordering information for the EDU34450A and its optional accessories. The EDU34450A is part of the Keysight education series products that offer industry-grade measurement capabilities at an affordable price. To learn more or order the EDU34450A, visit or contact your local Keysight representative or authorized distributor.



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Column Control DTX