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Keysight N5166B CXG RF Vector Signal Generator


Ordering Options for your CXG Has Never Been Easier or  More Economical


The Keysight N5166B CXG is crafted to create signals capable of testing your devices and designs. It will produce the signals you need – from simple to complex, from clean to dirty – to test your device within and beyond its limits. Knowing what options you need to order can be intimidating, so Keysight has put together a set of Good, Better, and Best Value Bundles – making ordering these options easier, faster, and more economical than ever before.  


What is Included in Each Value Bundle?


To take advantage of each value bundle, simply select one of the following Good, Better, or Best Value Bundles and then choose a frequency range for the CXG.  Learn how to order your CXG bundle by referencing the Ordering Guide here.

The following options are included in each bundle:


Bundle Component Overviews


The following sections provide brief overviews for each of the options the Good, Better, and Best Value Bundles.


N5166B-655 – 120 MHz RF Bandwidth


Upgrading your baseband generator’s RF bandwidth with option 655 will enable you with the capacity to test a variety of devices and the proficiency of reaching faster data rates. With 120 MHz RF bandwidth, your signal generator will help you keep pace with present and emerging standards.


N5166B-UNT – AM, FM, phase modulation

Be well-equipped with the potential to simultaneously enable multiple modulation sources with this analog modulation option on your vector signal generator.


N5166B-221 – Waveform license 5-pack


Expand your testing capabilities and accelerate product development cycles with the ability to store and playback standards-based waveforms generated from PathWave Signal Generation (Signal Studio) software.



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