Five Ways Application Intelligence Will Supercharge Your Monitoring Tools


The Right Application Information Is Critical

Constantly changing network security threats, an emphasis on customer quality of experience, and a greater need to measure internal and external SLA’s (especially for cloud networks) have become increasingly important topics for IT. These three requirements are forcing IT to acquire an even better insight and understanding of the network to maximize its performance. To accomplish this, IT has begun turning to application intelligence to provide the insight needed.

Properly designed visibility architectures deliver the critical intelligence needed to boost network security protection, reduce troubleshooting costs, create more efficiencies, and extend the life and utility of monitoring tools. For instance, early detection of breaches using application data reduces the loss of personally identifiable information (PII) and reduces breach costs. Specifically, context-aware data processing can be used to expose indicators of compromise, provide geolocation of attack vectors, and combat secure sockets layer (SSL) encrypted threats. Efficiencies can also be created by filtering data at the application level to remove unnecessary data clutter at the tool interface to control costs.



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