• Frequency range of 100 kHz to 44 GHz
  • Full component characterization with advanced network analysis measurements and modulated signal measurements when paired with a vector signal generator
  • Multiport architecture provides fast measurements on highly integrated T/R modules and beamformer ICs
  • Modular system scales with your measurement needs, buy as many ports as you need and upgrade at any time
  • Fast measurement speeds for high throughput
What's included:
  • M9807A PXI VNA
  • M9817A Receiver Module(s)
  • Interconnect cables
  • Quick start guide


44 GHz
44 GHz
1 GHz 時的 DANL:
-144 dBm/Hz
44 GHz
-130 dBm at 10 Hz IFBW

S95025B Basic Pulsed-RF Measurements

  • Enables internal pulse generators that can be used to control the internal pulse modulators
  • Provides an integrated pulse application that uses the wideband-detection method
  • Requires hardware option 021 on the M980xA

S95070B Modulation Distortion up to 53 GHz

  • Provides nonlinear DUT behavior (EVM, NPR, and ACPR) under modulated stimulus conditions
  • Vector error correction and VNA calibration reduce error and provide very low residual system EVM
  • Frequency coverage up to 53 GHz

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