Optimize User Experience Without Compromising Network Security

CyPerf is the industry’s first cloud-native software solution that recreates every aspect of a realistic workload across a variety of physical and cloud environments. It delivers unprecedented insights into end-user experience, security posture, and performance bottlenecks across distributed, hybrid networks.

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How CyPerf Solves Hybrid Network Test Challenges

Simplify SD-WAN Validation

Recreate every aspect of a realistic workload across a variety of physical and cloud environments. Easily validate your software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solutions by measuring bandwidth performance and QoE of various topologies, along with the effectiveness of your security deployment.

Evaluate POP Performance

Verify service level agreements (SLAs), security offerings, rate limiting, and traffic policing to ensure high-performing content delivery network (CDN) points of presence (POPs). CyPerf measures key performance indicators (KPIs) such as latency, caching efficiency, and load handling like CPS, concurrency, and throughput.

Evaluate SASE Security

Validate security efficacy and performance impact of your secure access service edge (SASE) offerings. Recreate attacks like exploits, malware, and advanced threats across physical and cloud environments to gain valuable insights into user experience, security posture, and performance bottlenecks.

Test Cloud Applications

Benchmark application performance of cloud instances that traverse switches, internet gateways to other cloud locations (multi-cloud topologies), or on-premise environments (hybrid topologies). Use elastically-scaling tests to accurately measure the performance and security impact of elastic scale up or down.

Balance QoE and Security

Test web application firewall (WAF) performance and security effectiveness with realistic attack simulations. Balance quality of experience (QoE) with network security by validating the ability of your WAF to block attacks, such as the OWASP Top 10, while allowing legitimate traffic to pass through uninterrupted.

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