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The current web page context is a data sheet that describes the features and specifications of Keysight’s N9048B PXE Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Receiver. The data sheet explains how the N9048B PXE can help users perform EMI compliance testing faster, easier, and more accurately. Keysight’s N9048B PXE is a high-performance EMI receiver that meets the requirements of CISPR 16-1-1 and MIL-STD-461 standards. It offers a frequency range of 2 Hz to 50 GHz, a real-time bandwidth of up to 510 MHz, and a scan speed of up to 1 THz/s. It also provides advanced features such as time domain scan, real-time spectrum analysis, multi-touch user interface, and built-in diagnostics. You can learn more about the N9048B PXE at The N9048B PXE offers several benefits for EMI compliance testing, such as: Reducing test time and cost by using time domain scan to capture transient signals in seconds instead of hours Improving test accuracy and confidence by using real-time spectrum analysis to detect and analyze intermittent signals in real time Simplifying test setup and operation by using multi-touch user interface to control and monitor the receiver with intuitive gestures Troubleshooting and resolving issues faster by using built-in diagnostics to identify and correct common problems such as cable faults, antenna mismatch, or overload The data sheet also provides detailed information on the technical specifications, options, accessories, and ordering information of the N9048B PXE. To order or inquire about the N9048B PXE or other Keysight products, you can contact your local Keysight office. The complete list is available at
Column Control DTX