Millimeter-wave (mmwave) Signal Analysis Optimization


Millimeter-wave systems considered for next generation commercial wireless require test instrumentation that keeps pace with the performance requirements of these systems. The purchase of signal analyzers with “just enough” performance requires careful review of the analyzer’s performance specifications and a basic understanding of the challenges when making millimeter-wave measurements. This application note discusses recent advances in millimeter-wave signal analysis and instrumentation that are optimized for high performance and costs that are more in line with traditional microwave analysis solutions.



X-Series Signal Analyzers Millimeter-wave technology, operating in the frequency range between 30 and 300 GHz, has been actively investigated since the 1960s (see articles referenced at [1] and [2]). The need to operate commercial wireless systems in the millimeter-wave spectrum has become even more relevant today, as a result of the scarcity of contiguous spectrum at frequency bands under 24 GHz.



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