Create High-Efficiency Automotive Power Electronics

Automakers use high-power electronics to enable e-mobility by electrifying powertrains and other vehicle subsystems. These power converters must operate in harsh environments with constant mechanical vibration, noise, and wide temperature ranges. The focus on carbon emission reduction and growth of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid EVs (HEVs) will increase demand for efficient power systems, requiring new semiconductor technologies like silicon carbide (SiC), and gallium nitride (GaN). Increased switching speeds, high voltage, and expanded thermal performance create design and test challenges for characterizing and modeling these new technologies. Learn how Keysight Technologies' industry leading solutions can help you deliver safer, higher performance power electronics in automotive — from device to system.

Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Test

EVs are increasing demand for insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs), SiC, and GaN semiconductors. Accurately characterizing these devices requires both static and dynamic measurements. The double-pulse test method is the ‘defacto’ industry standard for dynamic characterization of power devices.

Keysight's PD1500A dynamic power device analyzer / double pulse tester delivers repeatable, reliable measurements of wide bandgap semiconductors. The off-the-shelf measurement solution enables faster time-to-market by providing quick and reliable results you can count on, while also ensuring a safe test environment. It supports the latest evolving JEDEC standards for wide bandgap semiconductors, ensuring your R&D team can test quickly as technology evolves. Discover the power of double pulse test today with the PD1500A dynamic power device analyzer / double pulse tester solution.

Auto Pit Stop: Double Pulse Test

Keysight’s Mike Hawes discusses achieving reliable and repeatable dynamic characterization of power semiconductors using double pulse test.

This on-demand session is part of our 15-minute Q&A series with Keysight automotive experts on topics ranging from automotive power device testing, to automotive radar interference testing, cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X), and automotive Ethernet.

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Regenerative Power

Today's electric vehicles use batteries in the 300 V to 800 V range. These high voltages bring with them additional costs and risks. Regenerative power provides a better way to test automotive batteries and their bidirectional electronics, with three benefits: heat reduction, simplified testing, and minimized rack space.

Keysight RP7900 Series Regenerative Power Supplies offers a complete line of regenerative power supplies that can operate in voltage or current priority. The power supplies seamlessly change from sourcing current to sinking current to support testing of energy storage systems used in EVs and HEVs. Learn how Keysight’s regenerative power supplies can take your automotive battery test to the next level today.

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