Standardized Automotive SerDes Joins Other Technologies Solutions For In-Vehicle Network Communications

The Automotive industry is adding more complexity with more and more ADAS sensors and systems and at the same time trying to simplify the networks that carry the data within the vehicle. Higher bandwidth and lower latency networking will play a critical role in addressing time-sensitive and complex automotive technologies to come like Automotive Ethernet and standardized Automotive SerDes, however there will undoubtedly be a place for the lower speed serial protocols like CAN, LIN, CAN-FD, FlexRay, MOST and the newly released CAN-XL. As an active member of the standards bodies Keysight automotive SerDes solution experts are ready to help you address interoperability, data integrity and network integrity testing needs.

Keysight Automotive SerDes Solutions

Highspeed SerDes is a common connection for automotive high-resolution, in-vehicle displays such as infotainment or back up cameras. It is a point-to-point architecture with high bandwidth, low baud rates and high orders of modulation employed. Read more in Keysight recent blog to understand how SerDes in automotive enables ADAS cameras and sensors.

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