Stay Ahead with PNA/X Technology Refresh Opportunities Tailored for Your Lab!

Your PNA/X VNA nears the end of its normal service life. Upgrade, Extend or Trade-In: Choose the path that best fits your needs to seamlessly transition to the latest PNA/X advancements.

  • Upgrade to PNA/X-B: Harness the power of the latest PNA/X-B technology at a fraction of the cost of a full replacement. Learn more.
  • Extended Service Agreement: Ensure uninterrupted quality service for your equipment by engaging in an extended service agreement.
  • Trade-In Program: Maximize the value of your current PNA/X A model by trading it in for attractive credits toward the purchase of a new PNA/X B-model or any new other Keysight instrument.
PNA Trade-In, Extend, Upgrade

Migrate Your High-speed Digital Lab Bench with Keysight’s BERT, Infiniium UXR-Series Oscilloscopes, and Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Achieving faster development cycles has become increasingly challenging as higher speeds and low power requirements shrink design margins. Don’t let an underperforming oscilloscope or bit error ratio tester (BERT) or arbitrary Waveform generator (AWG) cause you to fall behind in your innovation cycle. Protect your future by upgrading your high-speed digital lab today with high-performance Keysight instruments. The UXR-Series oscilloscope, M8040A BERT, M8050A BERT, M8199B, and M8198A AWGS provide the industry-leading performance needed to deliver tomorrow’s standards today.

For a limited time, take advantage of special trade-in credits of up to 40%.

Migrate to the New Keysight N5186A MXG Vector Signal Generator

Wireless communications and aerospace defense application requirements are constantly changing with the need for increased frequency coverage and complex modulation needs such as MIMO, beamforming, and increased data requirements. Keysight’s N5186A provides the solution to meet these challenges with best-in-class phase noise/EVM/ACPR performance in its 2U form factor with up to 4 output channels. This MXG sets itself apart from other signal generators with an innovative embedded reflectometer. The N5186A also utilizes less bench space by simplifying complex test setups with external connections.

The current Trade-in Special is now offering trade-in credit up to 40% toward the purchase of the new N5186A. 


Migrate to the New Keysight E505xA SSA-X Signal Source Analyzer

Keysight's next generation of signal source analyzers, the E505xA family provides the accurate solution needed in a one box signal source analyzer. It's modern and elegant interface provides the user with a multi-window display for improved measurement efficiency. The E505xA is supported with the latest software to provide increased measurement coverage meeting the latest requirements. Now with an expanded portfolio that includes four models, the E5055A, E5056A, E5057A, and the E5058A, this family covers a frequency range spanning 1 MHz to 54 GHz.

Trade in your eligible Signal Source Analyzer and receive a credit up to 35% toward the purchase of a new E505xA Signal Source Analyzer.

Migrate to the Latest Keysight E5081A ENA-X Vector Network Analyzer

Today many vendor solutions require a network and spectrum analyzer when performing EVM measurements for components involved in 5G and satellite communication. However, the E5081A can accomplish this with one single set up. This new addition to the ENA X family of analyzers  performs repeatable and accurate measurements using full vector correction at the DUT plane which eliminates the need to manually reconfigure test set ups.

For a limited time only, trade in your eligible Keysight or Rohde & Schwarz vector network analyzer and receive a credit up to 40 % toward your new E5081A.

Migrate to the New M980xA or M983xA PXI Network Analyzer

The Keysight M980xA Series of PXI network analyzers meets the most demanding challenges with a true multiport architecture that offers exceptional performance no matter how many ports you use. Gain deeper insights into your devices with the widest available portfolio of measurement applications for PXI VNAs, including spectrum analysis and noise figure measurements. The PNA/PNA-X also provides DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) with option UNY which improves your active device characterization and decreases test time.

Keysight’s M983xA PXIe vector network analyzer (VNA) combines all your measurements into a single instrument, enabling multisite, multi-DUT, multiport system characterization with faster speeds and greater flexibility.

Trade in your eligible Keysight, Rohde & Schwarz or Anritsu vector network analyzer and receive a credit up to 75% toward a new M980xA or M983xA.

Migrate to the New Keysight Streamline Series USB Vector Network Analyzer

Portable network analysis doesn’t have to mean a compromise in performance. The Keysight P500xA/B / P502xA/B USB vector network analyzers (VNAs) bring high-end performance and flexibility to the portable Keysight Streamline Series. Gain confidence in your measurements with best-in-class performance offering fast, reliable, and repeatable results.

Trade in your eligible Keysight, Rohde & Schwarz or Anritsu vector network analyzer and receive a credit up to 75% toward a new P500xA/B or P502xA/B.

Improve Device Characterization with the Newest Keysight Performance Network Analyzers

When characterizing active devices, the right mix of speed and performance gives you an edge. In research and development (R&D), the PNA vector network analyzer (VNA) family provides measurement integrity that helps you transform deeper understanding into better designs. On the production line, our PNA network analyzers deliver throughput and repeatability to transform great designs into competitive products.

The PNA/PNA-X also provides DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) with option UNY which improves your active device characterization and decreases test time.

Trade in your eligible Keysight or Rohde & Schwarz Network Analyzer and receive a credit up to 55% towards the purchase of a new PNA X or PNA Network Analyzer.

Migrate to a New Keysight 5G Signal Analyzer or Microwave Signal Generator

5G networks deliver faster and more reliable communications. They open doors to exciting new connections to Internet of Things networks, autonomous driving, broadband fixed wireless, and faster video viewing. Delivering 5G takes end-to-end Layer 1–7 test, precision measurement, and deep network visibility solutions to de-risk 5G development and operation across the ecosystem. Learn more about 5G solutions at Keysight.

The Technology refresh promotion is now offering trade-in credit up to 50% on selected 5G signal analyzers.

Migrate to the New Keysight Infiniium MXR B-Series Oscilloscope

Keysight's Infiniium MXR B-Series oscilloscopes have hardware-accelerated, automated analysis tools, extra-low, front-end noise, and uncompromised performance so engineers can test faster, shorten time to market, and design without compromise using an oscilloscope that delivers dependable results.

For a limited time only, trade in your existing Keysight oscilloscope or a competitive scope and receive up to 60% trade-in credit towards the purchase of a new Infiniium MXR B-Series oscilloscope. Contact your Keysight representative to learn more.

Migrate to the New Keysight E5080B ENA Vector Network Analyzer

Today’s competitive realities demand new thinking that keeps you on the leading edge while enhancing your cost margins. We ensure that your engineers, test labs, and production lines are prepared for higher frequency ranges to support new technology bands at an affordable price.

The Technology Refresh promotion is now offering an upgrade to the new Keysight E5080B ENA vector network analyzer. The E5080B provides an integrated solution that combines multi-instrument functionality and reduces your cycle time in half for significant throughput gains.

Get Keysight trade-in credit of up to 55% towards the E5080B when trading in eligible models — or take advantage of our flexible Keysight financing solutions

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