M980xA Series PXIe Vector Network Analyzer

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As the margins for multiport devices become tighter, your test equipment needs to be one step ahead. The Keysight M980xA PXIe Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) meets the most demanding multiport challenges with a true multiport architecture that offers exceptional performance no matter how many ports you use. Gain deeper insights into your devices with the widest available portfolio of measurement applications for PXI VNAs, including spectrum analysis, pulsed-RF measurements, and more.

The M980xA Series offers the performance required for testing passive components, amplifiers, mixers, or frequency converters. It provides best-in-class key PXI VNA specifications such as dynamic range, measurement speed, trace noise and temperature stability. Each module is a completely independent vector network analyzer with 2-, 4- or 6-ports up to 20 GHz, or 2-ports up to 53 GHz. The modules are easily configured as a true multiport VNA by using additional modules installed in the same chassis, and a VNA with up to 50-ports can be configured in a single chassis for multiport applications. All test ports are fully synchronous, so multiple ports can be measured simultaneously with multiport error correction applied.


Specification (spec)

Warranted performance. Specifications include guardbands to account for the expected statistical performance distribution, measurement uncertainties, and changes in performance due to environmental conditions. All specifications and characteristics apply over a 25 °C ± 5 °C (unless otherwise stated).

The following conditions must be met:

• Module temperature is between 37 to 50 °C (2-port option), 40 to 53 °C (4-port option) and 43 to 56 °C (6-port option).

• Instrument has been turned on for 60 minutes with VNA application running.

• Instrument is within its calibration cycle.

• Instrument remains at a stable surrounding environment temperature (between -10 °C to 55 °C) for 60 minutes prior to turn-on.

Characteristics (char.)

A performance parameter that the product is expected to meet before it leaves the factory, but that is not verified in the field and is not covered by the product warranty. A characteristic includes the same guardbands as a specification.

Typical (typ.)

Expected performance of an average unit at a stable temperature between 25 °C ± 5 °C for 60 minutes prior to turn-on and during operation; does not include guardbands. It is not covered by the product warranty. The instrument must be within its calibration cycle.

Nominal (nom.)

A general, descriptive term or design parameter. It is not tested, and not covered by the product warranty.

Supplemental Information

A performance parameter that is tested on sampled product during design validation. It does not include guardbands and is not covered by the product warranty.


The process of measuring known standards to characterize an instrument's systematic (repeatable) errors.

Corrected (residual)

Indicates performance after error correction (calibration). It is determined by the quality of calibration standards and how well "known" they are, plus system repeatability, stability, and noise.

Uncorrected (raw)

Indicates instrument performance without error correction. The uncorrected performance affects the stability of a calibration.

Multi-module Measurements with S95551B Software

When the S95551B software is installed, the M980xA PXIe VNA can be configured into a multiport network analyzer with multiple PXI VNA modules. Adding a second module to the PXI chassis provides additional test ports allowing the configuration of a multiport VNA. This configuration provides a full featured multiport vector network analyzer with full crossbar S-parameter measurement capability.

Multiport configurations using up to 17 M980xA modules (ex. 34-ports with 2-port modules) or maximum 66 test ports (11x 6-port M980xA modules) have been evaluated. M983xA configurable PXI VNA modules can be added to a multiport configuration as well. Multiport configurations using two M983xA modules and ten M980xA modules in a single PXI chassis (ex. maximum 24-port, 44 GHz configuration) have been evaluated.

For multi-module operation, all single-module specifications apply except trace noise, test port noise floor, system dynamic range, Displayed Average Noise Level (DANL) and SA detector accuracy. The other performance of multi-module configurations will meet the single-module specifications.

The guidance provided here is given as general reference based on Keysight’s evaluation of multiport PXIe VNA configurations. Not all multiport setups using multiple PXIe VNAs are tested as a multiport instrument in the factory. Interconnect cables included in the Y1730A must be used for connection among multiple M980xA and M983xA modules. For more detail of multi-module configurations, refer to “M980xA and M983xA PXIe VNA Multi-module Installation Guide” at www.keysight.com/find/m980xa-mm.


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