Instrument Lifecycle Solutions


Keysight Calibration and Repair Services

Instrument Lifecycle Solutions

We are committed to helping you meet your future measurement accuracy challenges.

You put in the time and effort to select the right modular, handheld and bench instruments for your test system. We make sure you can rely on those instruments to provide accurate measurements that meet your specifications.

Keysight Technologies Instrument Lifecycle Solutions are committed to addressing the service requirements that span your product lifecycle. Through these solutions, we provide a range of standard and tailored alternatives that ensure the longevity you need — from the date of purchase to the day you transition to newer technology.

Warranty Period

At the point of purchase, Keysight instrument quality is backed by a standard warranty, which can be extended to 3, 5, 7, or 10 years.

Or purchase Keysight instruments with KeysightCare for complete customer care, far beyond basic warranty for hardware, software, and technical support for select products.

Standard Service Period

Get the full range of Keysight global support, with measurement science that delivers fully-specified instruments to ensure consistent measurement results.

Extended Service Period

Five years after an instrument is no longer manufactured, Keysight provides a range of solutions, including continued repair and calibration services to extend the life of your test system. This makes the transition seamless when you are ready to migrate to new or Premium Used instruments.

Warranty Period

Our support starts the day you purchase your instrument.

Extend your standard warranty and get the lowest cost of ownership

Keysight Extended Warranty and Calibration Plans of 3, 5, 7, and 10 years enable you to plan upfront and secure a low-cost solution. This long-term calibration and repair of your crucial instruments ensures that they will operate to warranted specifications.

KeysightCare Support. Elevated.

Improve your time to market and reduce costly unplanned downtime and project delays. KeysightCare provides complete customer care far beyond basic warranty for hardware, software, and technical support.

KeysightCare includes:

  • Faster and predictable response times
  • Faster time to resolution
  • Faster access to specialized experts and knowledge
  • Proactive updates

Standard Service Period

After the Warranty Period, count on Keysight to support your program.

Keep your instruments functioning to their original specifications

After the Warranty Period, and up to five years after discontinuance, Keysight continues to offer a full range of support, including firmware and operating system updates, technical support, and repair and calibration services.

Get even more peace of mind with Keysight repair and calibration

Lock-in prices with a service agreement — it is the most convenient way to protect your equipment beyond the standard warranty. You can minimize downtime with our unmatched ability to fully service the equipment we build. We streamline repairs with fast diagnostics and direct access to more than 42,000 genuine Keysight parts, plus we do repairs right the first time — and return your instrument sooner — with our automated verification systems and procedures.

Extended Service

Even after products are no longer manufactured we continue to help you maintain your system or transition to newer technology.

Extend the life of your existing system

Keysight’s Extended Service period is our commitment to your company and your HP, Agilent, and Keysight equipment. We will work with you to tailor solutions that keep your long-term programs running until you are ready to make the transition to newer technology.

Extended Service repair and calibration

We provide repair and calibration services on thousands of instruments in the Extended Service period, as long as parts and the required electronic test equipment (ETE) are available. As with all Keysight services, you can count on the quality we deliver: accredited, traceable calibration that measures the actual performance of every warranted specification, for every installed option every time, genuine OEM parts, and trained technicians with deep product experience.

Service agreements and custom solutions

In addition to per-incident services, we offer repair and calibration agreements for many of our most popular instruments in Extended Service. We can also work with you to customize a solution that keeps you running until you are ready to transition. This ensures that your equipment will operate to warranted specifications.

Project & program management

Keysight provides project and program management services to help ensure your test and evaluation projects and programs run smoothly and meet their critical objectives. We produce and manage program plans, timelines, schedules, and deliverables with a single point of contact for your Keysight interactions. Keysight will identify, document, and mitigate program risks, provide program metrics, host status reviews, and ensure all program related documentation is completed and maintained within your scope of work.

Extending the Life of Your Test System Starts Now

Making test systems last in long-term programs takes planning and the right service partner. No matter where your instruments are in their lifecycle, there are steps you can take to keep them operating until you are ready to make the transition to newer technology.

Warranty Period

Purchase Keysight instruments with Extended Warranty and Calibration plans that lock-in peak performance for up to 10 years.

Or purchase Keysight instruments with KeysightCare for complete customer care, far beyond basic warranty for hardware, software, and technical support for select products.

Standard Service Period

Choose from a full range of Keysight flexible service solutions to ensure on-going measurement accuracy and instrument uptime.

Extended Service Period

Buy standard or custom service agreements to cover essential equipment for the life of your programs. Or, explore options to transition to newer technology now.


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