The AE2010T offers an easy-to-use test platform that enables you to verify MIPI A-PHY and ASA transmit performance and compliance.


MIPI A-PHY and ASA Transmit Compliance Test 

The AE2010T will help you verify the electrical performance and compliance of your MIPI A-PHY and ASA links. All speed grades and gears are included in one download for both standards.

Key capabilities

  • Wide range of tests for standards conformance of MIPI A-PHY and ASA.
  • Automatic configuration of all the required test equipment.
  • Trust the results, accurate and repeatable with Keysight oscilloscopes.
  • Test framework that reports multi trial results with full array of statistics for each measurement with worst case measurement result.
  • Detailed information on each test mode for each speed grade or test gear that runs, so you can follow up and debug.

Ordering information

  • Software licenses are available either as node-locked, transportable, USB, or floating.
  • Licenses are available for purchase with 6-, 12-, 24- or 36-month support.
  • Software supports Infinium UXR-Series oscilloscopes.

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