Easy, stable, high-frequency adaptor from H-MTD to 2 port SMA.

  • Measurement accuracy and versatility for automotive MDI adaption
  • Connect H-MTD to 2x RPC 2.92
  • Bandwidth DC – 20 GHz
  • AE6965A-HMK (H-MTD jack to two 2.92 Y jack)
  • AE6965A-HMS (H-MTD plug to two 2.92 Y jack)

The Keysight AE6965A High-Speed Modular Twisted-Pair Data (H-MTD) to Y 2.92 RPC adapter offers a way of connecting to your automotive MDI interface. Rosenberger H-MTD® is a differential connector system for high-speed data transmission of up to 20 GHz, contained in a compact and robust automotive grade housing.

RPC-2.92 (Rosenberger Precision Connector) connectors are intermateable with common 2.92, 3.50, SMA, as well as K connectors.

AE6965A fixtures are recommended for 802.3ch Automotive Ethernet and for all gears/speed grades of MIPI A-PHY, ASA. These connectors are from Rosenberger, you can find more information in their catalog.

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