• Designed to exceed 3.2 Gb/s, and provides connection to all (address, command, control and data) signals between a U4154B logic analysis system and JEDEC standard 96 ball DDR4 x16 DRAM
  • Provides observation of data traffic on industry-standard 96 ball DDR4 x16 DRAM, and provides access for DDR Eye Scans and Burst Scans of DDR4 signals
  • W4631A ships with a custom 96 ball DDR4 riser, required for keep-out volume (KOV) under the interposer (riser can be replaced with optional 3rd party socket – not provided)
  • Works with all solder finishes, and designed to tolerate lead-free soldering temperature profiles

Each W4631A requires:

  • Two E5849A ZIF probes or one DDR4 x16 ZIF probe (available through the Keysight specialty probe process)
  • One U4154B logic analyzer module with option -02G (when connected using two E5849A DDR4 ZIF probes for software configuration under 2.5 Gb/s data rates). (For data rates over 2.5 Gb/s, two U4154B modules are required. For data rates < or > 2.5 Gb/s, Keysight recommends connecting one U4154B module to the W4631A using the DDR4 x16 ZIF probe available through the Keysight specialty probe process). 
  • Four U4201A logic analyzer cables
  • Chassis for U4154B logic analyzer(s) with controller or host PC

For more details please contact your local Keysight Technologies sales representative.

The W4631A DDR4 x16 BGA interposer allows signal access to the DDR4 signals critical to your debug and validation effort through a logic analyzer. The probe works in existing designs and eliminates the need for up-front planning or redesign. The probe connects directly to the balls of the DRAM with a DDR4 96 ball riser (included) or an optional 3rd party socket (not provided) enabling operation and acquisition of high-speed DDR4 signals.

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