The W1915 Millimeter-Wave (mmWave) WPAN Baseband Verification Library provides configurable IP reference transit sources for 802.11ad and 802.15.3c wireless communications physical layers operating at 60 GHz (mmWave WPAN) for verification of baseband receiver algorithms, system architectures, and RF components. These schematics also interoperate with Keysight test equipment, tying simulation and hardware testing into a consistent, model-based design flow. The 802.11ad personality of the W1915 library is interoperable and consistent with the Keysight 81199A Wideband Waveform Center software, a standalone test application. The W1915 supports:

  • IEEE 802.11ad-2012 version and MCS formats 28 ~ 31 for LPSC
  • W1711 SystemVue Engine and W1712 Distributed Computing in both Windows and Linux
  • IQ amplitude imbalance (in dB)
  • LO quadrature error
  • I and Q DC offset (in dB)
  • Frequency error in the received symbol clock (in ppm)
  • EVM vs. time (for specified symbol or frame)
  • EVM vs. frequency (for specified frame)


  • Simulates system-level 802.11ad EVM and BER
    • RF impairments, phase noise, fading, and interferers
    • Economical alternative to challenging 60 GHz measurements in early R&D, saving valuable design time, lowering project risk, and possibly reducing equipment costs
  • Provides a golden IP reference for C++, .m, and HDL baseband algorithm developers
  • Downloads waveform scenarios to wideband arbitrary waveform generator, such the Keysight M8190A
  • Verifies RF transceiver performance with realistic 60 GHz waveforms and scenarios, within SystemVue, or co-simulated with Keysight ADS or GoldenGate


The W1915 mmWave WPAN Baseband Verification Library can be added to any SystemVue environment or bundle.

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