Accelerate M-PHY Product Designs with Deep Insights

The Keysight U4421A MIPI D-PHY analyzer/exerciser provides deep insight into mobile computing designs by combining a true protocol analyzer and a full-featured protocol exerciser in one instrument. MIPI D-PHY-based mobile computing designs create significant challenges including fast, multi-lane bursts of high-definition images, multi-bus integration, HS/LP signal switching, and accelerating development cycles. The U4421A addresses these challenges.

  • Raw mode lets you see the 8b/10b data acquired by the analyzer so you can understand the “why” behind your protocol 
  • An AXIe-based module which can reside in a 2-slot or 5-slot mainframe 
  • Multiple mainframes and modules combine to give you views into multi-bus MIPI systems
  • Control with an external PC or with an M9536A AXIe embedded controller 
  • Multiple probing options to accommodate a wide variety of cables, vias, traces, sockets, and high-density headers 
  • Easy upgrade options let you quickly add to the system as requirements change

The MIPI D-PHY Analyzer, Two Instruments in 0ne

The U4421A animates models with high-definition images and video, allowing you to simulate traffic from a wide variety of devices busses of varying signal performance. Benefits of the U4421A include the ability to:

  • Change signal data rate, slew rate, and lane timing 
  • Gain insight into how your systems and peripherals react to a wide variety of CSI and DSI signals
  • Isolate any packet’s header, or data as a packet payload or individual lanes
  • Display raw data in a time-correlated waveform view, and more



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