透過軟體升級功能,擴充 FieldFox 手持式分析儀的功能,以獲得更深入的量測和分析洞察力。這些精心設計的功能,讓工程師能在野外執行精準的量測,並獲得媲美桌上型儀器的結果。

  • 可用於例行維護和完整除錯的量測功能
  • 透過 VNA、頻譜分析儀、內建功率錶、向量電壓錶等極致提昇效能
  • 可在購買儀器或將現有儀器升級時訂購

Base model includes a cable and antenna tester (CAT).


Remote Control Capability

remote control

View and control FieldFox remotely using an iOS device.

Built-in GNSS/GPS Receiver


Attach geolocation tags to measurements with a built-in GNSS/GPS receiver.

DC Bias Variable Voltage Source

DC bias voltage source

Provide power to amplifiers under test and bias tower mounted amplifiers.

Indoor & Outdoor Mapping

indoor and outdoor mapping

Import indoor and outdoor maps for data collection and plotting to the map.

Learn more about each software option in the Technical Overview.

Free Trials

  • 取得 30 天免費試用授權
  • 啟用 FieldFox 上的選項
  • 評估具完整功能的應用軟體,不會有任何限用功能

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