The N8882A contains the following InfiniiMax differential probes and accessories.

  • MX0023AA InfiniiMax 25 GHz RC probe amp (qty.1)
  • MX0106A InfiniiMax 23 GHz solder-in head (qty.1)
  • MX0100A InfiniiMax 25 GHz micro probe head (qty.2)
  • MX0102A Soldering toolkit for MX0100A (qty.2)
  • N2839A InfiniiMax 21 GHz browser head (qty.1)
  • E2678B InfiniiMax 12 GHz socketed probe head (qty. 1)


  • All probe head/tip bandwidth assumes the use of MX0023A or MX0023AA InfiniiMax 25 GHz probe amp.
  • The features and performances of the MX0023AA are identical to the MX0023A probe amplifier which is available as a stand-alone product.
  • The user’s guide and the data sheet of MX0023A are applicable to MX0023AA.
  • The Infiniium oscilloscope software supporting the MX0023A is applicable to MX0023AA as well and the oscilloscope will recognize the probe as an MX0023A.
  • The same warranty conditions are offered to the probe and accessories included in the bundle as they are offered as standalone.

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