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N6470B Thunderbolt 3 Transmitter Compliance Test Software for Infiniium Oscilloscopes


Keysight N6470B

Thunderbolt 3 Transmitter Compliance Test Software for Infiniium Oscilloscopes

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Verify and Debug Your Thunderbolt 3 Designs

The N6470B Thunderbolt 3 electrical test software gives you a fast and easy way to verify and debug your Thunderbolt designs for both silicon validation as well as end products like storage devices or motherboards.

The Thunderbolt 3 electrical test software allows you to automatically execute Thunderbolt 3 electrical transmitter tests and displays the results in a flexible report format. In addition to the measurement data, the report provides a margin analysis that shows how closely your device passed or failed each test.

The N6470B Thunderbolt 3 electrical test software covers the prescribed test methods and parameters required for Thunderbolt electrical certification testing. This produces results that are consistent with those obtained during official certification at approved test labs and informational testing at plugfests.

In addition to automatic setup and execution of the transmitter tests, the N6470B Thunderbolt 3 electrical test software also provides automatic setup and control of the crosstalk generator source, a required condition for electrical testing during official certification tests.

Features and benefits

The N6470B Thunderbolt 3 electrical test software offers several features to simplify the validation of your Thunderbolt designs:

  •  Full USB Type-C interface control with N7018A Type-C Test Controller integrated
  •  Automated test setup and execution for ease of use
  •  Support for simultaneous two-lane testing as well as single or dual port
  •  Support for cable and test fixture embedding and de-embedding to provide more accurate margin estimates
  •  Run tests with live or saved waveforms for easy regression testing if specification requirements change
  •  Support for user-defined limits and specification-specific limits for all Thunderbolt Interconnect specification revisions
  •  Automated test report generation and margin analysis
  •  Add additional custom tests, steps or automation to your application using the N5467A User-Defined Application (UDA) development tool
  •  Supports automated setup and control of crosstalk generator


The N6470B Thunderbolt 3 application software provides electrical testing coverage for:

  •  Thunderbolt devices
  •  Storage devices
  •  Displays
  •  Expansion bays
  •  Systems, hosts, motherboards
  •  Dongles
  •  Cables
  •  Silicon 

Easy Test Definition

The N6470B Thunderbolt 3 electrical test software extends the ease-of-use advantages of the Keysight Technologies, Inc. Infiniium V- and Z-Series oscilloscopes to testing Thunderbolt designs. The Keysight automated test engine walks you quickly through the steps required to define, set up, perform, and view the results for the tests. You can select a category of tests all at once or specify individual tests. You can save tests and configurations as project files and recall them later to quickly re-test, run additional tests and review previous test results. You can also quickly verify old test results against new specification requirements using the Saved Waveform option. 

Thunderbolt transmitter testing requires active inputs to the receivers of the product under test during all electrical tests. The N6470B Thunderbolt electrical test software automates setup and control of the crosstalk source.

Configurability and Guided Connections

The Configure Tab provides flexibility in your test setup and oscilloscope settings used during tests. In configuring the tests, advanced users can specify changes to the test configuration to optimize test time versus coverage depending on validation requirements and testing goals.

Reports with Margin Analysis

In addition to providing you with measurement results, The N6470B Thunderbolt electrical test software automates and provides a report format that shows you not only where your product passes or fails but also how close you are to the limits specified for a particular test parameter relative to the specification revision you are testing. You can select the margin test report parameter, which means you can specify the level at which warnings are issued to alert you to electrical tests where your product is operating close to the official test limit defined by the Thunderbolt Interconnect specification



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