• Cover the compliance tests of latest USB Type-C cable assemblies, connectors and raw cables on USB4, USB 3.x, and USB 2.0 technologies.
  • Support 4-Port VNA on E5080B, P502xA/B Streamline VNA series, and PXI-VNA series.
  • Fully automate your multiport measurements with L8990M 4-to-20 ports switch matrix system.
  • Quickly set up, calibrate and perform your test with the setup wizard
  • Achieve accurate measurements with test fixture de-embedding and Automatic Fixture Removal (AFR)
  • Get deeper insights of your measurements with comprehensive HTML test reports.

S94USBCB USB Type-C® interconnects compliance test solution provides a fast and automated way to test, characterize and debug your USB Type-C cable assemblies and connectors design to meet compliance. When connects with L8990M switch matrix system, it enables a 4-to-20 ports switching without any manual port reconnection!

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