• 核心線性模擬、電路圖、布局和儀器連結
  • 業界中最多樣的自動電路合成以及等效網路變換功能
  • 完整的電路合成,以及客製的濾波器、匹配、混頻器、等化器、振盪器、信號控制和 PLL

Genesys Core、合成軟體套件將 Genesys 線性電路設計環境的強大功能與 RF EDA 業界中最廣泛的射頻電路合成能力結合,不論您是新手或是資深的電路設計工程師,都能快速完成高效能的射頻電路設計。

Genesys Core、合成軟體套件能讓您合成出射頻和微波電路,例如濾波器、匹配網路、多工器、結合器/分配器、混頻器和振盪器,使您從好的開始來完成您的設計。它的價格低於市面上任何同級產品,確保射頻和微波電路設計工程師能擁有性價比最高的設計工具。

Genesys 易學好用,在快節奏的製造導向設計流程中,可快速提高工程效率。

為何需要購買 Genesys Core、合成軟體套件

  • 在射頻電路的合成上,應用涵蓋範圍最寬廣
  • 業內最低的擁有成本
  • 同價位產品中效能最高的射頻/微波電路設計工具


Genesys Core、合成軟體套件提供一個整合的射頻/微波電路設計環境,在提高性能和良率的同時,也可降低專案的不確定性、時延和風險。此套件包含:

  • Core 設計環境,內含強大的 Mathlang 資料分析功能,可進行線性及統計的模擬與最佳化,另外還提供測試儀器連線功能、易於使用的資料顯示、布局、布局轉換器和 3D 布局/電磁資料顯示
  • 利用 11 種主動和被動元件的電路合成功能,將執行例行設計任務的時間,從幾小時縮短至幾分鐘。讓您能盡情探索其他設計方法,並快速比較效能和成本。如需完整的清單,請參見 Genesys Synthesis 網頁


  • Genesys Core、合成軟體套件提供節點鎖定授權,其第一年的支援與升級費用低

Genesys RF and Microwave Design Software

Highest performance RF/Microwave circuit design tool at its price point.

  • Genesys Core, Synthesis bundle beats other RF EDA platforms by providing more capabilities at a lower price, without compromising usability, quality, accuracy, or breadth of technology.
  • Genesys offers an affordable streamlined design experience for RF/microwave circuit engineers in an easy-to-install and manage tool without the complexity of administering enterprise level design flow automation.
  • For example, Genesys Core alone is packed with an almost unbelievable array of capabilities that would have cost many times more if bought separately elsewhere and without the benefit of integration. Not only does it include a proven easy-to-use RF schematic capture, layout and design management environment with test instrument links, but also powerful linear and statistical simulators with advanced optimization. Mathlang scripting language, as used by MATLAB, is fully supported in Genesys Core for unmatched data processing power. Genesys Core also provides free import/export layout translators (including Gerber, DXF/DWG, and GDSII) and interactive 3D layout viewer to prepare your PCB designs for EM simulation or downstream manufacturing.
  • By comparison, other RF EDA tools make RF-aware layout or test instrument link a specialized, optional capability.
  • Genesys Core, Synthesis bundle provides a right-sized EDA solution that is both powerful and affordable for a wide range of RF/microwave circuit board designers.

Who can benefit from Genesys Core, Synthesis Bundle

  • If you are an infrequent RF designer, Genesys Core, Synthesis bundle makes you immediately productive by converting design ideas into working implementations, which can then be refined with linear circuit optimization for peak performance.
  • If you are an experienced RF designer, circuit synthesis allows you to achieve more sophisticated designs, and turn them into robust commercial products with high yields.

What can I design with Genesys Core, Synthesis Bundle?

  • High-performance and high-yield linear RF/microwave circuits such as small signal and low noise amplifiers
  • Filters, matching networks, power dividers, combiners, equalization, multiplexers and other passive networks
  • Test fixtures for RF, microwave and high-speed measurements
  • Topologies for active components such as mixers, oscillators and analog PLLs
Key Building Blocks of the Genesys Core, Synthesis Bundle
Building Block Description
Genesys Core Core design environment, linear simulator, optimization, layout, 3D view, statistics
Genesys Synthesis Synthesis for passive and active components, includes Genesys Filter & Match

Learn more about Genesys Key Building Blocks on the Genesys Product Structure & Options Summary.

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