• Reduce time to generate complex test plans
  • Automatically produce measurement step SCPI code
  • Create sequence in Sequence Studio, save, modify, and re-load sequences to EXT instrument
  • Implement calibration routines such as fast device tune
  • Implement verification routines such as inner loop power control
  • Visualize the combined source and analyzer sequence on a single graph, showing measurement intervals and trigger points
  • Retrieve results from the captured signal and compare results while troubleshooting and optimizing the test routine

Streamline Test Plan Development with Sequence Studio

The graphical Sequence Studio software dramatically simplifies test plan calibration and verification development and reduces the need for test programming support.

Developing test code can be a bottleneck when you are trying to find the best solution for your manufacturing process. Now you can dramatically reduce the time it takes to develop and troubleshoot test code with Sequence Studio.

This breakthrough software tool, exclusive to the EXT wireless communication test set, makes it easy to use the EXT's powerful source list sequencer and sequence analyzer.

The graphical capabilities of Sequence Studio simplify test code development and rework, reducing the amount of programming support you'll need from test vendors. Instantly capture signals from a device and view them onscreen while you drag and drop analysis interval bars, trigger points, and burst timings.

Retrieve results from captured signals and iteratively compare measurement results. With Sequence Studio, you'll be able to troubleshoot and optimize your test plan much more quickly.

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